Easter Bonnet

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Easter Bonnet

***** Location: Trinidad and Tobago
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The Easter bonnet tradition, derives from olden times, when people dressed up every Sunday to go to church. Ladies purchased new and elaborate designs for particular church services, and in the case of Easter, taking the opportunity of the end of Lent to buy luxury items.
Some believe that wearing three new items of clothing at Easter brings good luck.

Easter bonnets are generally round and filled with ribbons, flowers and leaves.

Another thought suggests that the Easter bonnet derives from the circlet of flowers worn at Spring rites even before the tradition of Easter.

The circular shape of the Easter bonnet symbolizes the circular shape of the sun and the full-circle return of the beginning of Spring

Today Easter bonnets are as elaborate or simple as the wearer desires and they are worn to church at Easter and or at Easter Bonnet Parades. The tradition embraces both adults and children.

Gillena Cox , Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


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During my childhood in Ireland, Easter bonnets were quite the fashion -- every woman feeling that she wanted to buy a new hat in time for the Easter Sunday Mass or Church Service. Those were, of course, the days when women were expected to cover their heads in church -- and men to uncover them! I cannot remember any particular shape being preferred for the bonnets -- but I do remember that hats were sometimes not the only new fashion items bought in time for Easter Sunday...

This custom seems to have disappeared now -- perhaps because hats are no longer worn by either sex in church, perhaps because Ireland has become wealthy and people just buy the new clothes they want at any time of the year. But the word and the memories are still there...

Isabelle Prondzynski

Things found on the way

Lavinia Dobler, author of Customs and Holidays Around the World, says Easter was once known as the "Sunday of Joy." In the USA after the Civil War, mothers and daughters began wearing colorful flowered hats and elaborate corsages as part of the celebration.




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bright day
the lip-stick smile of a child
in her Easter bonnet

poui blossoms
and Easter bonnet parades
season of Easter

© gillena cox 2007


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