Hurricane Warning

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Hurricane Warning

***** Location: Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean. Other areas
***** Season: Rainy or Wet Season
..... Summer in cold climates
***** Category: Humanity


Warnings and watches
are two levels of alert issued by national weather forecasting bodies to coastal areas threatened by the imminent approach of a tropical cyclone of tropical storm or hurricane intensity. They are notices to the local population and civil authorities to make appropriate preparation for the cyclone, including evacuation of vulnerable areas where necessary.
It is important that interests throughout the area of an alert make preparations to protect life and property, and do not disregard it on the strength of the detailed forecast track. Tropical cyclones are not points, and forecasting their track remains an uncertain science.
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Hurricane Dean
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This is s the fourth named storm, first hurricane, and first major hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season.
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hurricane warning
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hurricane warning
the wildflowers
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