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A student-
Walking down a Soweto Street
His shoes squelching in mud

Outside our house-
Chicken peck grasshoppers
In the green grass

The white pelicans
Striding among cattle
In green pastures yonder

At Marikiti-
Trucks loaded with mangoes
Queue to offload

In the village-
Outside our mud house
Children play mtereso

*mtereso* a children’s game of sliding over mud.

At Soweto Market-
Crowds mill around
Buying fruits and veges

*veges* short for vegetables

A woman-
Looking very happy
Bites a juicy pear

Happy-looking women
Selling fresh pears
In market stalls

Happy-looking farmers
Delivering milk at KCC
Money is not a problem

*KCC* Kenya Co-operative Creameries.

Pastoralists smile-
Green pastures all over
Their livestock increase

Soiled farmers-
Planting maize and beans
Tired faces

A dark carpet
Covering the sky all day
Umbrellas vanish from shops

Happy-looking shopkeepers
Umbrellas and omo
Disappear from shops

*omo* A detergent.


Collection from July 2006

in their torn shoes
the people walk chock chock--

Catherine Muhonja

roads get flooded
and cars get stuck---

Paul Musyoka

a vehicle is stuck
on the muddy Soweto road--
Susan Wajau

a dashing car splashes
water on a lady in white
along the road
Rose Wanjiru Maina

helpless ants
struggling in a puddle--

Joshua Luvinzu

rainy season
brings stagnant water---
mosquitoes buzz around
Kadima Zipporah

Kayole River--
flows in its curvy way
taking garbage away
Lilian Kiyaka

the rain falls--
Nairobi hawkers
have no job
Everlyne Ngang'a

a lot of mosquitoes
spreading malaria--
the rain
Ouko Hellen

mosquitoes multiply
and people rush for nets--

Boniface Mutua

my child is drowning--
a woman screams loudly
from the riverbank

Domitillar Mutheu

Gikomba Market
is flooded and muddy--
hawkers hold their goods

Indombo Carolyne

flooded markets--
and hawkers carry
goods in hand
Ashraf Baraza

muddy Soweto streets--
villagers wearing boots
walk up and down

Jacklyne Aoko

cars dashing
on busy Valley Road
splash water on people

Erastus Mella

Baba Shiro is confounded
as his car is stuck in quagmire--
Shiro is sleepless
Patrick Gakuo

Note : Baba Shiro : Shiro's father

Wanjiku struggles
to trap water from their roof--
raining in Soweto
Hudson Mukanzi

Note : Wanjiku is a woman's name. Wanjiku also represents THE ordinary Kenyan citizen

muddy splashes
on people's clothes--
much washing
Mary Nabwire

moving cars
splash water on the road--
fuming pedestrians
Seline Aluoch

a frog jumping
across my feet as I draw
water from the river
Rebecca Akinyi

clouds become darker
and a spattering on the roofs--
the rainbow
Victor Amboko

shoes become
too heavy to lift--
rainfall in Soweto
Lilian Awino

a drunkard drowns
in flooded Kayole River--
burial rites
Billy Omalla

children slip and fall
mothers have plenty to wash--
Irene Adisa

a black ant
drowned in a puddle--
this rain
Hillary Mbiti

a crawling baby
splashes her hand in a puddle--
mother concerned
Risper Kwamboka

children play in puddles
dirtifying themselves--
screaming mothers
Beatrice Anyango

a throng of children--
watching a chick drowned
in a puddle

Kamau M. Mathew

stagnant water--
frogs crock korrr korrr
all night
Johnson Mwangi

the rain causes
our vehicle to get stuck--
my mother is angry

Nyambura Serah

lightning strikes
as the silvery drops fall--
John caries his umbrella

umbrella over my head
as I go to the market--
this rain

a black ant--
drowned in water
in a basin

Beatrice Wangari

Muli's house is flooded
as it rains in Soweto--
shouts of help
Ian Kamau

my feet slide
in mud on Soweto streets--
John Mutahi


Meeting of the Haiku Clubs of Nairobi
November 2006

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Simple and warm haiku are there in the Kenyan'site.
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