Maize Haiku 0609

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Maize Haiku from Kenya Haiku Clubs
September 2006

Maize cultivation

hoes on their hands as
farmers cultivate maize crops
whistling loudly

~ Geoffrey (Falcon)

healthy green maize
using sewage manure
they are nutritious

~ Keago (Falcon)

moo moo moo
leaves of green maize
cows bleating for them

~ Grace (Falcon)

swaying her hands
a woman chases away chicken
from her maize

~ Raymond Otieno (Bamboocha)

blooming tassels
on strong maize plants
expectant farmers

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

month of June
showers and frost--
healthy maize plants

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

in our farm--
weaverbirds sing
as they peck maize

~ Patrick Wafula (teacher)

Maize Harvest

ready in the farm
no workers to harvest
birds celebrate

~Nalo (Falcon)

green maize
like a grandfather's beard--
great harvest

~ Kevin Safari (teacher)

in the homestead--
a happy-looking father
receives maize from farm

~ Patrick Wafula (teacher)

Green Maize

old African mother
looks very confused as
she sells maize

~ Helen (Falcon)

green long sheath stem
big grains from its maize cob
healthy and energetic

~ Baraza (Falcon)

so lovely and strong
they grow along the sewage
making the farm nice

~ Seline (Falcon)

tupft tupft tupft
mahindi choma ten bob
shouts the man selling

~ Rebecca (Falcon)

a woman carrying maize
buying beans in the market
githeri at home

~ Raymond Otieno (Bamboocha)

a pit full of maize cobs
business must be doing well
happy men

~ Raymond Otieno (Bamboocha)

a man eating maize
along a busy street
gets knocked over

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

I move near a stall
full of boiled green maize
sweet scent

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

happy chorus girl
with a chopstick
eating Indian corn

~ Susan Wangui (Bamboocha)

boiled maize on plate
saliva drops off the lips --
can I taste?

~ Samson Onyango (Bamboocha)

expectant Luhyas
stand around the maize stand--
munching jaws

~ Patrick Wafula (teacher)

a woman
shelling green maize--
githeri for lunch

~ Annastacia Muthoni (Bamboocha)

a long the streets
women sell githeri--
green maize

~ Kevin Safari (teacher)

plenty of food
a man riding a bicycle
with three bags of maize

~ Jedidah Kerubo

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