Peace Haiku

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Peace, Love and Unity
from Haiku Clubs of Kenya
September 2006


a dog is confused
mother and father yelling
peace is stired

~ Raymond Otieno (Bamboocha)

joining hands
all government officials
pray for peace

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

peace demonstrations
on the streets of Nairobi--
pray for our country

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

the United Nations
goes to Palestine and Israel
requesting for peace

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

peace-keeping troops
flying to Middle East
on peace keeping missions

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

a happy re-union--
America and Cuba
peace at last

~ Catherine Njeri (Bamboocha)

In North Eastern--
nomads move here and there
looking for peace

~ David Wandera (Bamboocha)

in the church praying
for peace

~ Walter Ochola (Bamboocha)

America and Kenya
Presidents talk together
to bring peace

~ Depporah Mocheche (Bamboocha)

in Northern Uganda
the LRA kills women and children--
where is peace?

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

American nuclear
bombs overwhelms Iraq -
no peace at all

~ Leonard (Falcon)

troops well ammunised
sent by UN in Iraq so as
to keep peace

~ Fan (Falcon)

agony in Marsabit
as Mzee Kipkweny frees
his own house

~ Patrick (Falcon)

Iraq among countries
with disastrous weapons
ready to devour

~ Meryline (Falcon)

proud happy Kenyan
harmony and peace everywhere
what a wonderful country

~ Samson (Falcon)

Benin, Zaire, Congo
folks dying everyday
no peace within

~ Serine (Falcon)

peace in Kenya
people living good life
no more war


It is better now
North eastern people friendly
peace at last

~ Moses (Falcon)

we want peace -
no one can stop us
shouting peace

~ Hellen (Falcon)

women crying
our children dying daily
no peace at all

~ Grace (Falcon)

peaceful country
no corruption or disturbance
attract tourists

~ Grace (Falcon)

everything paucity
peace is what we prefer
calmness is needed

~ Andersoon (Falcon)

our country Kenya
surrounded by peace and harmony
what a country

~ Erustus (Falcon)

Sauatus in camps
children hungry and thirsty
people are inquietude

~ Ashraff Baraza (Falcon)

peace we need it
in Iraq and America
we need harmony then

~ Rebecca Siokau (Falcon)

we need peace
patriotic Kenyans
stop fighting

~ Christine Nyakado

the Mungiki thugs
terrorize Dandora
dwellers pray for peace

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* Mungiki is an outlawed sect that has for many years terrorized and sometimes killed innocent people in Nairobi and Central Province.

Marakwet, Pokota
exchanging their fire arms,
ushering in peace

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* Marakwet and Pokot are feudal pastoralist tribes in North Rift Valley who have for many years, rustled each other's livestock. Exchanging of fire arms is a traditional sign of peace.

revellers playing
with monkeys at City Park
peace on their faces

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* City Park is a serene public park on the tree-shrouded eastern outskirts of Nairobi City.

a priest and teacher
are shot dead in Kangundo
churches pray for peace

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* Kangundo is a small town in Eastern Province. The murder of a Catholic priest and Deputy Head Teacher of Tala High School saddened the Catholic Church.

refugees praying
for peace at Kakuma Camp --
the cries of children

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana is the largest refugee camp in Kenya, sheltering victims of war in the horn of Africa, especially from Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Rwanda.

women and children
fleeing from Mai Mahiu --
corps patrol for peace

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* Mai Mahiu is a fertile place at the bottom of the Rift Valley where recent land clashes flared, causing displacement of many people especially women and children. Houses and schools were burnt. Bishop T.D Jakes paid a visit to the site and offered to construct boreholes in the area, as an effort to bring peace.

at Uhuru Park --
the Nyayo Monument of
peace love unity

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* Uhuru Park is a public park a few metres from Nairobi City center, along Uhuru Highway. The Nyayo Monument of Peace Love and Unity was constructed here. Peace Love and Unity is the philosophy frequently used by the former president Daniel arap Moi.

Musumbiji thugs
terrorize Kakamega
mourners pray for peace

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

*Musumbiji is a local terrorist group in the town of Kakamega and its surroundings in Western Kenya.

massacred children
are buried in Marsabit
the P.C pleads for peace

~ Patrick Wafula (Sensei)

* Last year, over 6 school children, who were from night prayers at a local church were massacred by unknown people in Marsabit, a place in North Eastern Province of Kenya. The P.C. is the Provincial Commissioner of the Kenyan civil service.


teachers hugging
students patting on the back
love and unity

~ Raymond Otieno (Bamboocha)


people without unity
fight their enemies
killing one another

~ Mercyline (Falcon)

Men and women
singing Uhuru wetu
carrying up their flags

~ Ruthe Shambura (Falcon)

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