African Haiku

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Introducing Haiku from Africa


African Haiku by Fancy

African Haiku by Stephen Davies

African Haiku with Ted Goossen


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Haiku Africa: Haikus and Photographs
by Joel H. Goldstein (Author)

Bull Elephant walks
Isolated on the road
Alone with his thoughts


Botswana Haiku

As one of the assignments for this course, students were asked to do a piece of creative writing using the characteristics (whether formal or not) of one of the texts that we discussed during the semester.

I looked around me
In the middle of the street
Suddenly I am lost.

by Jacob Nthoiwa

source : Botswana Haiku
University of Botswana English Department, 2003



Haiku from Kenya, Kenya Saijiki ケニア歳時記

The Haiku Clubs of Nairobi


South Africa

There are Jewish, Muslim and Hindu religious festivals celebrated here, although the Christian ones are the only that rate a national holiday right now.

Some of our national holidays are interesting in terms of kigo.
For instance, Heritage Day is celebrated on 24 September in the spring so there is a contrast between the forward-looking season and the backwards-looking celebration.
Another like Youth Day is 16 June, almost mid-winter and very appropriate perhaps to the tragedy of that day in 1976.

And then there is our fynbos ("feiner Busch") , a unique and indigenous family of plants. So diverse that I think some or other species of it are in flower at any one time of the year. So fynbos is something really South African but not really something that one can associate with a season as such.

Moira Richards, South Africa

Fynbos , South African Plant in our library


Steve Shapiro
His first collection of haiku, In a borrowed tent (Snailpress) won the 1996 Ingrid Jonker Prize for English language poetry.

2007, a new book of poems, of little consequence

. . . from of little consequence:

From the “Spring” section:

The spring breeze
- I lost a piece of paper
with a poem on it

From the “Winter” section:

Collecting mushrooms
my knife blade reflecting mist
swirling through the pines

source : carapace.book.co.za, 2007


Tingatinga painting style - Tanzania

CLICK for many more photos

Tingatinga -
a world of colors

Gabi Greve, October 2009

Once there was a man called Edward S. Tingatinga. He was born in the Namochelia village in Tunduru district in the South Tanzania.
During the 1960s he established an art form that became associated with Tanzania. Today, "Tingatinga" is the Tanzanian term for this form of art, known most intimately in Tanzania, Kenya, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland etc.
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Anonymous said...

sad news from home--
my student takes the chalk
and draws me Africa

--Barry George

Anonymous said...

police station
a map of Africa
behind bars

 © Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Gabi Greve said...

“Haiku of Africa” on the website of the Haiku Foundation :

If you click this link :


-- you will find some selected haiku from various African countries, including one each from Patrick Wafula and Caleb Mutua .
if you click this link :


-- you will find an interesting write-up on the history of haiku in Africa, to which Patrick sensei and I contributed (for the Kenya section). I never knew there were so many haijin in so many African countries! It is probable that this is the first ever time that anyone has written about haiku in the whole African Continent.

Additionally, we discovered another published haijin in Kenya, Mercy Ikuri
posted by Isabelle Sensei to the forum