Referendum August 2010


Referendum August 2010

***** Location: Kenya
***** Season: Cold and dry season
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A constitutional referendum was held in Kenya on August 4, 2010 on whether to adopt a proposed new constitution passed by parliament on April 1, 2010. The new constitution is seen as a vital step to avoid a repetition of the violent outbursts after the 2007 presidential election.

The result was a victory for the "Yes" campaign, with official figures released by the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) showing 66.9% in favour, with the results counted in all 210 constituencies. The "No" campaign's main spokesman, Higher Education Minister William Ruto, has conceded defeat. The new constitution will come into force within 14 days of the results being published and will then be ushered in through a series of Acts of Parliament.

The referendum question was announced on May 13, 2010:

Do you approve the proposed new Constitution?
Je, unaikubali katiba mpya inayopendekezwa?

Voter's choices in response to this question were "Yes" or "No".
Due to high rates of illiteracy in the country, the law required that each response was accompanied by a visual symbol to ensure voters were aware of which choice they were making. The symbols chosen for this referendum were colours:
green for "Yes" and red for "No."

In order to be passed, the referendum required a simple majority over-all and at least 25% of votes in five of Kenya’s eight provinces.
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Things found on the way


We have just gone through a successful referendum, the way to a new constitution, which comes into effect 14 days from today.

post referendum--
the purple ink still stains
my small finger

post referendum--
a 'YES' green cap abandoned
on a tarmac road

sleepless night--
adding up the green

bright dawn--
the referendum results
go green

Patrick Wafula


Caleb Mutua shares these thoughts:

First it was the mud-smearing campaigns...

referendum game--
kids elect their YES and NO

coast campaigns--
minister's effort to balance
on the donkey's back

Then the peaceful election...

referendum morning--
voter's bright faces in the
school compound

prisoner's are made to squat
before voting

referendum day--
sweet peddler moves with
the voter's queue

full ballot box--
he pushes his vote in
with his fingertip

I even met with Patrick sensei that morning and we had a little chat on referendum and the possible outcome... we were right!

referendum day--
sensei shows me his inked
little finger

Caleb Mutua


post referendum----
a puppy slowly wag his
brown tail

euphoria warms a cold

Everyone is really expecting things...pretty many things... to change around this magical country of ours.

she's still glued
onto that day's Daily----
post referendum

Catherine Njeri


Later in August

Caleb Mutua writes

I am delighted to finally get a chance to share with you these Historic haiku in the history of Kenya concerning the new Constitution and the actual promulgation that took place on the 27th of August this year.

The promulgation ceremony was held at Uhuru Park that morning following the concluded peaceful referendum where majority of Kenyans passed the new law. A number of parties followed in celebration of the same after the official ceremony.

Because it was a historic event, people were expected to be seated by 8:15 am. However, anxious Kenyans started arriving as early as 3:00 am!

The mood was there alright...

August dawn--
promulgation cheers and shouts
in the dark park

Others wanted to see it all clearly despite pleas by the Mc of the ceremony to have them come down...

Uhuru 12 Jumbo Flag Post END

promulgation day--
Kenyans wave flags atop
Uhuru Park trees

chilly promulgation--
those without flags wave
their jackets

The Mc had informed the audience that they should not panic when the 21 gun-salute starts...

Uhuru 08 smoke of honor cannons
smoke of the guns

cheers and shouts after
each gun-salute

smiling president waves the
sealed constitution

Kenya reborn--
cheers shouts and more blaring

congested audience fall with a
cheering wave

Uhuru 11 national colors
the national colors

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Makadara polls --
a policeman handcuffs a
suspected vote buyer

Andrew Otinga
September 2010

Reference : Makadara by-elections

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