Kisii in Nyanza


Kisii in Nyanza

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Report by Patrick Wafula
November 2010

It was a short but adventurous trip to this cool highland place in Kenya. I was able to take several photos of the the beautiful landscapes starting from the bottom of the Rift Valley, Narok, Bomet, Sotik, Kilgoris and finally Kisii town where I stayed for two days.

At this time of the year, Kisii is cool humid and breezy; it is green all over with plenty of crops ranging from maize, millet, coffee, sugarcane, and tea maturing. There are also plenty of trees such as eucalyptus, wattle, pine, and flame tree that keep the highlands green all year round.

Picking of tea is at its peak.

zebras and sheep
grazing side by side--
Narok plains

millet and pumpkins
for sale on the roadside--
Kisii highlands

sharing gooseberries
with kids on the matatu--
market day

Ogembo Street--
pumpkin varieties and
seeds on display

tea picking--
a small boy carrying a huge
reed basket

hill after hill--
flowering wattle and
blue gum

humid dawn--
the morning star shines
over the hill


More Haiku from Patrick's trip, December 13

Kisumu and Lake Victoria

Patrick 12

cool sunset breeze--
Lake Victoria wrinkles
and wrinkles again

cool humid breeze--
the reeds swing and swing
and swing again

car and boat washing
on the lakeshore

sunset breeze--
fishing boats rowing
into reed parking

the sun a red ball
among grey clouds--
sunset rain

vehicle tyres wheeze
on the watery tarmac road--
sudden rain


forested hillside--
the weeping stone weeps
in the sunset

Patrick 06

a lone monkey drinks
from a puddle on the roadside--
Kakamega forest

Bungoma: Nzoia Sugar

traffic jam--
tractor trailers carrying
harvested sugarcane

smoking factory--
stretching plantations
of green sugarcane

grey spirals

in the blue sky--
Nzoia Sugar Co.

Bungoma: Webuye Papermill:

panpaper mill--
spiraling grey smoke
in a blue sky

the obnoxious air
hits our nose trills--
the paper mill

long trailers
queuing with logs of pine--
panpaper mill

paper mill--
the aromatic scent
of pulverized pine

Trans-Nzoia: Kitale

slow traffic jam--
lorries carrying maize
to cereal board

lorry shop--
spilled maize grains
on the roadside

after harvest--
cattle grazing on maize

empty farms--
a whirl wind full of maize
litter across the sky

. More Photos from Patrick Wafula

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