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Bahati Haiku Poetry Club
Meeting in March 2006


moving cylinder
whole amour of black arrows
all over the body

an eyeless insect
wriggling on vegetation
leaves disappear

green black and brown
moving in the grass and house
touching it is trouble

long black and hairy
always ready with amoury

a bird swoops down
picking a caterpillar
on a leaf

a hen pecks
a caterpillar on its beak
the hen is satisfied

hairy insects
hiding in dark places
people clean their houses

evening comes
villagers shake their beddings
they are scared

children play
in the tall grasses
screams are heard

in the village
a woman jumps and screams
tearing off her clothes

in the village
a man pulls down his trousers
he screams

Patrick Wafula

they creep along
on their cylindrical bodies
eating every green
Nicholas Kasyoki

cloudless sky
caterpillar destinates
under withered crops
Cyprian Awino

hairy as they are
they burrow in the soil
aerating the soil

today they are hairy
soon they turn into butterflies
children play with them
Catherine Njeri

hairy insects
scattered on the leaves
destroy our plants

after a short while
beautiful butterflies
come out of them

small hairy worms
silently crawling over the land
soon comes the rain
Felix Munyao

small creatures
vegetables disappear
when you appear

it strolls along
digging holes in shambas
soon the rain falls
Depporah Mocheche

New school year

prefects at work
everyone obeys
making the environment clean

the bell goes
everyone in hurry
do not be late

lesson after lesson
teacher after teacher
the timetable is followed

the bell goes
games and sports
everybody warms up

smiling faces
students with new bags
new books

Felix Munyao

eyes on the board
books and pens on tables
brains at work

bells ring
children run
school gates open

bags on shoulders
books and pens in hand
it is school time

Francis Ouma

the bell goes
monos move with their parents
they gather in the office

Jeremiah Osewe

nyithindo mor
somo and writing on books
as a teacher guides

Walter Ochola

new year
new faces join high school
form one

school year
students carry bagfuls of books
to and from school

a school fees burden
parents struggle to pay
principal is harsh

Jasper Ratemo

hurrah! hurrah!
welcome new faces
call them monos

Linet Anyango


sweet aroma of rice
kanzus and buibuis
allah akbar
Cyprian Awino


dark hour has come
the dirge slows down
all fight back tears

Cyprian Awino

African Night

the floor of heaven
carpeted with bright stars
yellow balls

Cyprian Awino


cool breeze blows
the mist evaporates
sparkling rays glow

Cyprian Awino


wails and wui
drums beat horns blow
all over the village
Daniel Awino

Water Shortage

water scarcity
jembes take advantage to rest
pots totally dry

Lameck Odhiambo


a woman
with child on her back
buying plums
Walter Oochola

cracked soil
women bend up and down
selling plums and mangoes
Depporah Mocheche


calm trees shake
dry leaves and dust fly up
calm sea stirs
Raymond Otieno

feeble things go up
clothes ripple on hang lines
roofs creak

Cyprian Awino


red dust on roads
brown grass on women's dresses
women carry cans

Depporah Mocheche


december comes
all the people all over Kisiiland
sing and dance nyamocheche
Depporah Mocheche


empty stomachs
stains of tears on cheeks
clean utensils

Cyprian Awino

Sunny season

sunny midday
coats loose their value
sweat streams down

Cyprian Awino


rain goes on strike
cassava on high demand
kwashiorkor rises
Cyprian Awino


coughing all over
many skeletal people
hospital beds full

Patrick Wafula

Long Rains

fat healthy cattle
green leaves on thick branches
grass nature's carpet
Cyprian Awino


We fold our tongues and suck
Sweet yellow juice
Between out teeth we grind

Tasty yellow flesh
Our fingers we lick
The sweet smell
Cyprian Awino

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***** Ramadan ends (Idd ul Fitr)

***** Start of new school year

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