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Winners of the Ginkoo in Kayole, Nairobi (Kenya)

Short Biographies


Miriam Nyambura (Bamboochas)

Miriam is a girl aged 20. She is in Form 4 at Bahati Community Centre Secondary school in the outskirts of Nairobi City, on the brink where upcountry begins.

Miriam writes:
"I joined Bahati Community Centre in January 2006 because I heard that there was Poetry in this school. I was very impressed and fascinated by Haiku and therefore, I joined Haiku club. I am very social and it took me a very short time to make friends with haiku poets in the club, and learn how haiku is written. Haiku has expanded my creativity, enhanced my character, and sharpened my senses of observation and hearing and recording what I see.

I wrote this poem about goats and cows and it emerged the 3rd best during the ginkoo on May 27th:

cows and goats
scatered all over the place
grazing up and down

I wrote this poem because I saw cows and goats grazing harmoniuosly together without harming each other, so to me, they portrayed a loving character to each other. Even though they were cows and goats, I could see they have a very good fellowship even when they are scattered all over the place. At that moment I wished I could be a goat.

All in all, haiku has influenced many students to write it in their schools.

"My ambition is to become the most famous poet in the whole world. My career is to become a policewoman. My hobbies and interests are volleyball and football. I would like to get penpals from Japan, Germany, USA, UK and Mexico."



Cyprian Awino

Age: 19
Class: Form 3
Sex: female
School: Bahati Community Centre Secondary School

I have always been interested in poetry. But since there was no Poetry Club in the school, I couldn’t express my ambition. When Haiku Poetry Club was introduced in the school in January 2006, it was a God-sent opportunity. I joined the club and learned how to write haiku and I was later appointed the assistant secretary of our club.

I love haiku because of its importance to nature and how it promotes and enhances youth talents and environment conservation. I strongly believe I have the potential of a poetess.

The situation in which I was when I was writing the haiku during the ginkoo on May 27th was that I was in a very exuberant and peaceful mood with nature. At that time, I saw a child eating a fleshy avocado and that made me feel very hungry because I had not eaten anything since morning. That child was a little girl and the way she was eating the avocado was so natural and very harmonious with the surrounding.

I have gained a great deal since I started writing haiku. First, my attitude towards the environment changed completely. I have become very friendly to the environment. I have gained a lot of experience in poetry through interaction with other poets. I have also gained technologically through computer training. Hitherto, I had never set my eyes on computer, but now I have an e-mail address and can surf on the Internet.

My ambition in haiku is to expose more people to environmental conservation and how to appreciate nature. I would like to become a great poetess. Lastly, I appreciate Isabelle san for her great concern about us. I wish her a long long and prosperous life. Indeed she has made me who I am.

My favourite subject is English literature. I would like to become a doctor. I would love to get in touch with penpals from Japan, UK, USA, Germany and South Africa.



Debborah Mocheche

Age: 15
Sex: Female
School: Bahati Community Centre Secondary School
Class: Form 2

I joined Bahati when I came from upcountry to live with my aunt. I joined Bahati Haiku Poetry Club in January 2006. At first, I didn’t know much about haiku, but after Mr. Wafula taught us and then Isabelle san came and gave us more tips, I felt confident enough to try writing haiku. After several trials, I became used to putting down small but interesting observations about nature in haiku form. Now haiku is to me like the oxygen I breathe.

When I was writing the haiku during the May 27th extravaganza I was feeling that all my senses were watchful and I was very close to nature.

Haiku has helped me to know how to observe seasons. I have also known how to write and speak English. I have learned different types of seasons and what happens during these seasons.

My ambition is to become a nurse. I would like penpals from Japan, UK, USA and Germany.



Raymond Otieno

Age: 24
Sex: Male
Schoool: Bahati Community Centre Secondary School
Class: From 2

I joined Bahati Haiku Poetry Club in January 2006. I have risen from a naïve poet to a coordinator in this club. Haiku has promoted me academically, socially and environmentally. I have developed a positive attitude towards nature and its seasons. Secondly, I had never used a computer before but through haiku I now know how to operate a computer. I now speak haiku, eat haiku and think haiku and I have become a man of few words since I can speak a whole novel in just three lines.

My greatest experience in this club is the unforgettable day of May 27th 2006. It was the day of my greatest haiku poem :

rain has ended
footprints remain dry on paths
kids stumble and fall

That day I was in a haiku mood. I was feeling jovial and flamboyant. I felt that I should write about anything that come across my sight including my situation. And just before I could close my notebook, a small boy stumbled and fell and cried bitterly. This made me to study keenly the cause of the fall, only to find a footprint. Why was it there? I asked myself. Answer : this ground was once wet and muddy from the previous rain. That is how I came up with this haiku.

I look forward to becoming the greatest poet of all time and to use poetry to change people’s attitude towards the environment particularly here in Soweto where people are oblivious of environmental conservation.

I would like pen friends from Japan, USA and any other part of the world.



Jeremiah Osewe

Age: 18
Sex: Male
School: Bahati Community Centre Secondary School
Class: Form 3

I joined Bhatai Haiku Poetry Club in February 2006. I had been longing to be in a Poetry Club but there had been none until BHPC came into existence. Haiku is fun and it enhances one’s sense of creativity and environmental consciousness.

When I was writing that haiku on that day of the ginkoo, I was extremely hungry and the weather was too hot and not favourable for a walk.

I would like to get in touch with penpals from any country in the world. My interests are poetry, football and music (Gospel).





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