Nairobi Int. Trade Fair


Nairobi International Trade Fair

***** Location: Nairobi, Kenya
***** Season: End of cool dry season
***** Category: Observances


The Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) lays on the Nairobi International Trade Fair at the end of September / beginning of October every year. The Show is held in its permanent grounds in Jamhuri Park, off Ngong Road -- a beautiful old park, planted with tall and shady trees. There are permanent stands for the regular Kenyan exhibitors, as well as an arena, where displays of various skills are performed (e.g. ambulance driving, acrobatics), and there are music and dance shows every day of the week-long event.

The Show is opened by the President of Kenya. Special busesare laid on from the city centre all week. Water supplies in the surrounding housing estates become scarce as the Show goes on, since stands are busy, and both people and animals are fed and watered.

Much of Nairobi flocks to the Show Grounds during the week. School classes come on excursions -- the children enjoy their outing, the song and dance, and the farm animals which many of them may be seeing for the first time. Adults make good use of the trade stands, many with special offers for the Show, many handing out free literature. Much of it is development related material, which can be used in their day to day activities by urban and rural communities.

Exhibitors receive several season tickets, which they give to their staff as special perks, providing a day of free entertainment. Even those on duty at the stands love the week -- the Park is beautiful, the atmosphere happy, and the work stress-free, with plenty of opportunities to meet visiting friends from both Nairobi and up-country.

One of the fun things about walking through the Show Grounds, is watching the excited children, relishing their big day out. Another is the encounter with a tuneful choir, swaying in rhythm to its music. Each major national organisation has its own choir, and thus one year, I met the Kenya Airways Choir, each member dressed in the flight attendant uniform, happily singing in front of the Kenya Airways stand. And I also love walking through halls full of enthusiasts showing off less well-known agricultural activities, such as bee-keeping or rabbit-rearing. Or demonstrating how to press oil from maize with the help of a huge, but entirely mechanical machine.

The Nairobi churches hold their annual Harvest Thanksgiving Services on the Sunday before the Show starts.
The ASK Chairperson delivers the sermon in All Saints' Cathedral, where tractors and farm produce are taken and displayed before they continue their journey to the Show Grounds. Children from Nairobi schools enter the church in a long colourful procession, bearing gifts. They are joined by the members of the congregation, all bringing food items to be donated to various homes for the needy, including the Tujisaidie Nursery School, part of the Cathedral's own Urban Development Programme.

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His Excellency President Daniel Moi, is taken around the 2002 Nairobi International Trade Fair by Director KARI, Dr. Romano M. Kiome (holding microphone).

and a photo of the KARI stand itself

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2005 Nairobi International Trade Fair

This year’s Nairobi International Trade Fair has attracted more local and international exhibitors than previous times.

The show opened its gates to the public, yesterday with the organisers hoping that the event would attract the highest number of showgoers so far. The fair is the biggest exhibition in East Africa and the sole surviving agricultural show in the region. The number of exhibitors who have shown interest has almost doubled from last year’s.

International participants entering the event for the first time include the US, China, Malaysia and Mozambique. The total number of exhibitors this year is 310, compared to 162 last year. Of these, 79 are foreign exhibitors compared to 44 in 2004.

Yesterday was the fair’s business day, which was graced by Trade and Industry minister Dr Mukhisa Kituyi. Kituyi said the increased number of foreign exhibitors would turn the country into a trade centre in the region. "I am glad that there are many exhibitors from East Africa, which will strengthen the regional customs union," he said.

Kituyi asked the show organisers to encourage greater participation by international exhibitors to make Kenya an "economic powerhouse". in the region. The ministers challenged them to cultivate dialogue between farmers and entrepreneurs to sustain primary producers.

Allan Kisia
(c) East African Standard, 27.09.2005


The Show follows the British tradition of Agricultural Shows, in the beautiful surroundings of Jamhuri Park. The following shows pictures of the prize winning Jersey cattle :

including “Kingscliff Kennedy” - the Champion Bull

and many other bulls

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Business slow as Nairobi show opens

The Nairobi International Trade Fair opened its doors to the public yesterday. But business was slow as exhibitors were still putting the final touches to their stands, which the organisers said were cleaner and more colourful than last year's. Roads in the showground were being watered to control dust, while the exhibitors said they were happy with the preparations and hoped they would seal deals during the show.

The minister for Trade and Industry, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, was the chief guest yesterday.

The number exhibitors has gone up considerably, with 310 local ones, compared to 162 in 2004. The number of foreign stands is 79, up from 44 last year. Foreign countries exhibiting at the fair include China, Malaysia, Tanzania, Mozambique and the US which has set up an agricultural and commercial services stand at the international pavilion. Tanzania has the biggest number of exhibitors in the foreign category, with 46 companies participating.

Dr Kituyi said the large turnout of foreign exhibitors showed their confidence in Kenya an investment destination. The Government, he added, had made sure farmers were supported in their activities despite political distractions.

At the same time, he called on the Yes and No referendum campaigners to conduct their activities "with decency so that they do not unsettle the conducive investment climate."

(c) Daily Nation, 27.09.2005


On 21 November 2005, a referendum will be held on whether to adopt the proposed new Constitution of Kenya. At the time of the Show, the campaign is heating up :

Wananchi (citizens) receive copies of the proposed Constitution at the Nairobi International Trade Fair at Jamuhuri Park yesterday.
Photo 27.09.2005 by: Joan Pereruan


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Guest of Honor at the Agricultural Society of Kenya Show-WSC Stand

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Dublin has its own famous agricultural shows, the Spring Show (May) and the Horse Show (August), which are held in the splendid Show Grounds of the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge. These shows have in recent years become dominated by urban visitors, so that rural interest has increasingly shifted to the National Ploughing Championships (September), which has become a huge agricultural show, held in a different location each year.

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Things found on the way

Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair - Tanzania


first encounter --
tiny girl and huge bull
dressed for the Show

season tickets --
our turn for the Show today --
office, good luck!

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