OAKS Haiku Club


The Oaks !

Our group is from Embakasi High School in Kayole, Nairobi.
We are about one kilometre North of Bahati.

We were introduced to Haiku by Patrick Sensei of Bahati Haiku Poetry club and his team of great haiku enthusiasts, the famous Bamboochas.

Haiku is unlike any other form of poetry we have ever known; it has opened our eyes and senses to a world we had hitherto not known: the world of nature and its wonderful seasons.

Even here in Nairobi, in the hustle and bustle, haiku has taught us to pause and observe, and what great sights we have discovered! Our greatest inspiration was the ginkoo on May 27 this year and our greatest experience was meeting The Moderator, Miss Isabelle.
We now long to meet Miss Gabi Greve and the other poets...


Haiku for the World Cup July 2006

Rebecca Mbithe

parents disagree
over what to watch on TV--
world cup interrupts

Brazil and England
could not reach the semis--
tears are shed

commitments postponed--
friends and families gather
to cheer their stars

everyone hurrying--
televisions out of stock
it is world cup

Geoffrey Wafula

France gets a penalty kick
Zidane scores

challenging defender--
Ronaldo scores

John Simala

overcrowded bars--
revellers sip as they cheer
it is world cup

fans throng stadia
to behold cheer and jeer--
world cup fever is here

the battle is on
for the covetted trophy--
the FIFA World Cup

students and workers
skive to watch the event live--
moral support

France and Itally
survive to the finals--
who expected that?

Africans return
tearful and empty-handed--
the title is still elusive

hope still thrives--
South Africa hosts
2010 World Cup

Soccer, Football, Fussball


Our last World Cup haiku, July 13, 2006:

students play football--
calling themselves Ronaldo
and Ronaldinho

Patrick Wafula

pedestrians wear t-shirts
with Ronaldinho's photo
Patrick Wafula

a Japanese boy
play well during finals--
England is defeated


Tony was a good player--
Del Piero scored the last penalty
Italy wins World Cup

watching in expectation--
ball against the net
cheerful crowds

Nancy Olande

smiles on their faces
Germany for World Cup
Mexico waves along
Nancy Olande

thronged stadium
filled entertainment spots--
cheering fans.

Nancy Olande


Meeting of the Haiku Clubs of Nairobi
November 2006

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***** Bahati Haiku Club, Nairobi


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