Peacocks July 2006

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PEACOKC Haiku Club
Collection July 2006

Themes: Exams and Avocado

with books and papers
preparing for exams
Agnes Adhiambo

exams are on--
the compound is so quiet
students murmuring

Kelvin Mukoselo

contemplative looks —
quizzes for testing our knowledge
in all subjects

Jane Wambui

questions for the mind —
pass from it or fall from it
life of a student
Lilian Atieno

quiet compound —
reading preparing
for exams
Beth Mwangi

cramming everything —
students hearts beat rapidly
waiting for exams

Beth Mwangi

panicking faces —
students glued to exam papers
and silence everywhere

Jelida Kerubo

with happy faces
students jump up down
exams are over

Jelida Kerubo

all seated in class
pens and papers in hand
doing their exams

Loise Form 1A

here comes the exams --
students scratch their heads
answering the questions

two times eight plus two
what a technical querry
oh it was an exam
Stephen Kimanthi

mathematics hard
a relief in English —
time runs out

Kevin Muraguri

winners are rewarded
and failures crying all over —
please don't be a failure
Gladys Kathini

a quiet class —
students with pens and clipboards
ready for exams
Khadijah Rajab

busy offices —
students out of bounds
exams on the way

Onimbo Christine

pensive students
frequent the toilet —
Onimbo Christine

it's almost time —
students scratch their heads
whispering prayers
Christine Nyakado

chilly morning —
teachers with exams in hand
and students seated

Christine Nyakado

maths paper on table
pens and protractors at work
no one wants to fail
Jacinta Minoo

parents rejoicing
for the hard work of their children
showering us with gifts
Dorine Atieno

students scratching heads
books past papers at work again
teachers busy with pens

Husseini Haji


seeds scattered everywhere
children running with avocados
the avocado season
Husseini Haji

the green round fruit
swinging around the tall leafy tree —
the avocado

Stephen Kimanthi

fat people all over
and happiness on every face —
the avocado

Gladys Kathini

avocado seeds —
farmers busy in nurseries
for better plantations
Jelida Kerubo


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***** School exams KCSE / KCPE

***** Avocado pear (Kikuyu : Mûkorobîa)

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