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SPIDER Haiku Club

Dear Haiku friends,

We are a newly registered haiku group under the name Spider. We are located in the Soweto Slums of Nairobi and in the neighbourhood of Bahati Community Centre.
In fact, we are a sub-branch of the Bamboochas. Right now it is raining here in Nairobi and this is our introduction haiku about the long rain:

The Long Rain:

gray sky all day
spattering sounds on the roofs
umbrellas over heads

We are so delighted to be part and parcel of the haiku movemnet. We look forward to enjoying haiku adventures together with all of you.

Our school's name is Brookfield Secondary school and as we have already stated our nickname in Spiders.

Thank you all!

The Spiders.

SPIDER Haiku Club Records

........................................Brookfield Secondary School

nice looking students--
dressed in white and blue
smiling all the time

Patrick Wafula, April 2006



Long Rains in Kenya.

people wear coats
gumboots and umbrellas
malaria is back

floods everywhere
houses are destroyed
emergency teams busy

cars are stuck
muddy clothes
laundries busy

Terry Lutivini

children play in puddles
muddy clothes
omo disappears from shops

*omo: detergent.

flowers blossom again
bougainvillea blooms pink
aromatic air

frogs emerge
termites flying in the drizzle
plenty of proteins

Lake Victoria is flooded
Ngege is back on our tables
Plenty of flies

*ngege: type of fish

soil erosion
flooded houses in Soweto
a woman drains her house

Patrick Wafula

Multi-coloured umbrellas
Floods all over the country
Mud all over

Fishermen happy
Plenty of fish in rivers
A lot flies all over

Farmers happy
Green vegetables in the garden
Healthy faces

Evening drizzle
Traffic jam on Jogoo Road
Mama Njeri is late

Enough water
No rationing of electricity
Heavy jackets

ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo


by Terry Lutivini

people are smart
new hairstyles new clothes
new clean shoes

new things
people go to church
dances everywhere

at Machakos bus station
all buses travel upcountry
congested buses

buses are full
many happy faces
music and dancing

people are drunk
music noise everywhere
a staggering drunk

full stomachs
domestic animals happy
dirty toilets

flurry of shoppers
cars all over the place
shops open

churches full
offerings and gifts in plenty
many smiling faces

too much traveling
accidents all over
traffic police busy

empty schools
empty offices
workers rest


Meeting of the Haiku Clubs of Nairobi
November 2006

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Unknown said...

All of Kenya's haiku friends.
I am very pleased to see your excellent haiku.
And I had strong impresion of your making haiku eagerly.

I am a great fan of Issa who is famouse Japanese haiku-ist.
Please visit my [Every day Issa]to learn English and Japanese with my haiga, poem picture.