Kenya Haiku Clubs

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The Haiku Clubs of Nairobi

At the beginning of 2006, Nairobi saw the creation of a number of haiku clubs in secondary schools, starting in Kayole housing estate.

The very first meeting, which started it all off, can be read up here :

Bahati Club


And later, in 2012

. When did Kenya Saijiki start? .


Please enjoy the introductory pages of each club and browse the Kenya Saijiki Database to find the students’ haiku under a growing range of kigo.

Bahati Haiku Poetry Club, Kayole -- BAMBOOCHAS

Lorna Waddington Haiku Poetry Club, Kayole -- FALCONS

Embakasi Haiku Poetry Club, Kayole -- OAKS

St Mathew Haiku Poetry Club, Kayole -- PEACOCKS

Brookfield Haiku Poetry Club, Kayole -- SPIDERS

As the students’ activities made an impact on teachers, past pupils and other adults, the end of 2006 saw the founding of the first adult haiku club in Nairobi :

Butterflies Haiku Club, Nairobi -- BUTTERFLIES

Cocks Haiku Club

Adults are also involved in the school clubs as teachers and Patrons, and have become individual members of the Kenya Saijiki discussion forum.

New members are welcome!

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Club Activities

The Clubs have already organised a number of joint activities, which have been lively and inspired. There were two main events in 2006, involving all the haiku clubs together :

Bahati Ginkoo, 27 May 2006

Meeting of the Haiku Clubs in Tujisaidie, 4 November 2006

Stars and the Night Sky in Kenya, 2007 A Challenge !

Alan Summers, the originator of the Stars and Night Sky Challenge, also published our results in his own Blog, Area 17, thus opening them to a new readership :

St Patrick’s Outing, April 2007

Kigo and haiku topics in Kenya --
a discussion in the Haiku Clubs of Nairob

One of the principal and regular activities is to contribute haiku and kigo information to the Kenya Saijiki Database and to discuss Kenya kigo in the Kenya Saijiki Discussion Forum.

Japanese Culture Week, 2008

Arboretum Kukai, 29 March 2008

Long Rains Kukai 2009

All Saints Kukai, November 2009

Tumaini Kukai April 2010


Kenya Railway Museum Kukai August 2010

Traffic Park Kukai October 30, 2010

Carlile Kukai, June 11, 2011

Eleventh Kukai, St Mathew’s Secondary School
November 5, 2011

City Park, Nairobi, January 2012

. Nairobi Digest News .
Africa’s best haiku writers meet in Nairobi
about the Haiku Meeting in October 2012

Kukai at Kenya National Archives
14th Kukai - May 18, 2013


Sucessful graduates will receive a certificate.

certificat for the students who had finished their course and passed their final examinations in both theory and practice.

source : kenyasaijiki/message - May 2012


Home Page of Kenya Saijiki Database

Discussion Forum for Haiku from Kenya and East Africa



Apart from the Kenya Saijiki Database, the Kenya Haiku Clubs have contributed to the following publications :

Short Rains
Isabelle Prondzynski and Students of the Kenya Haiku Clubs
Haigaonline, December 2006

This is fascinating and remarkable. I enjoyed everyone and every one. This is such a worthy project and I had no idea. Congratulations and kudos to all involved and you for publicising it... I would love to see more of it.
.. Kirsty Karkow

Shiki Monthly Kukai
Several of the Club members have been participating in the Shiki Monthly Kukai from mid-2006 onwards :





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